UX/UI design electronic platform for monitoring educational activities for “SibADI”

SibADI is an innovation-oriented, industry-specific university in the field of transport and construction - the State Educational Institution “Siberian State Automobile and Highway univercity” (SibADI).


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To develop for SibADI a flexible and scalable electronic platform for monitoring educational activities, which will favorably stand out against the background of the existing competitive solution and fulfill the needs of the academy.


We have developed an electronic platform design for SibADI, which is an internal portal to which all participants in the learning process have access: students, teachers, employees of the dean's office, administration, etc. The purpose of the portal is to display information about the student's progress and his success in extracurricular activities.

The electronic portfolio of a SibADI student has really become an effective tool for monitoring the educational activities of students, and also allowed students to conveniently and effectively share their successes in various fields with both potential employers and classmates and friends.

We are confident that such a solution, developed by the addamant team, will suit any university and will improve work efficiency. And students will have the opportunity to more easily and efficiently search for prestigious work upon completion of their studies.

About the project

The portal resembles a social network where a student can fill his profile with important information on studies and extracurricular activities. All written works are added here, indicating mark and grades.

Our portal is integrated with the all-Russian system of accounting for educational activities "Deanary", which contains a large amount of data, including the progress in educational activities of students of all official Russian universities.

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Analysis and UX

Portfolio structure

All participants in the learning process have access to the portfolio. For the portal administrator, there are convenient tools for quick access to all the main modules of the page and to editing.

In the process of work, we have designed:

  • the structure of the database, which allowed to combine and compare disparate information in the systems of the Customer;
  • функционал системы, группы пользователей и ограничения по правам доступа;
  • a system of user accounts for a student, teacher and auditor;
  • data exchange structure.
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During the design, the functionality of the student's user account was separately worked out, the functions of enabling / disabling sections were provided (if the student does not want his data to be available for viewing), and the function of uploading to PDF was added so that a resume for the future employer was automatically generated from the portfolio data. We designed the functionality of the Auditor to control the filling of the portfolio at its management level (for the head of the department - at the department level, for the dean - at the level of the entire faculty)

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Design and UI

Design and style

We took the corporate colors of the university as the basis for the design. We have chosen a minimalistic design so that nothing distracts users from information.

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Student's user account

The most functional element of the portal was the student's user account. In order to fit all the functionality into a visually pleasing and convenient visual shell, we conducted research and developed the most convenient page structure.

Logging into the system is carried out using a password and login generated by the university administration. Access is provided upon admission in the university of a student and displays data on his educational activities from the moment of the first lesson to the graduation.

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The page contains the department, faculty, date of admission and graduation, student ID, contact information. If desired, the student can fill out detailed information about himself and even add his own social networks.

The profile can be shared using a URL link. A student can hide something in the portfolio if it is more important for him to display a certain area of ​​his activity.

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