Redesign of an online store of spare parts “Jet-Auto”

Jet-Auto is a car parts wholesale company. In 2018, they opened a warehouse in Russia, where they supply components directly from the manufacturer.


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Redesign the existing site, make it simple and enjoyable to use. Adapt layouts for mobile devices, develop an online catalog of 2 types of products (with and without the option to purchase), authorization / registration forms, a user's personal account, a shopping cart and stages of ordering.


We have developed a functional adaptive website interface and a convenient catalog with the possibility of online purchases, as well as sections of the personal account and news pages.


Previous version of the site

Initially, the client's site was built on Tilda, but he decided to move it to the Bitrix platform. Therefore, when developing the design, we focused on the structure of this platform.

New version of the site

We wanted to make such a routine task as buying auto parts easier and more enjoyable through a harmonious interface. In the mobile version, we have added a bottom navigation menu for user convenience.

Also, product catalogs have 2 types of display: for legal entities and individuals. Registered legal entities have the opportunity to make purchases in the online store.


The step-by-step design of the basket in Bitrix has become even more convenient after the work of our designer.

Typography and color

We used the corporate colors of the company - blue and orange, and decided to make the design light and light. The variable family Inter was chosen as the main font.

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