Online store for selling products made from natural honey

iBee is the first honey store that brings together beekeepers and their honey throughout Russia.


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1C Битрикс


450 hours

Formulation of the problem


To develop an online store selling goods from natural honey, to separate it from competitors, to show the usefulness of products, to introduce commodity accounting.


Business is just getting organized, there is no accounting system, there are a lot of varieties of honey, end consumers do not understand the product and do not understand by what criteria to choose.

Solution search

Business Analysis

Based on the statement of the problem, we studied the features of the customer's business, its idea, and the nuances of the niche. We found out that the niche is highly competitive and the main problem of the customer is a huge amount of counterfeit products that are offered to end customers as natural products, as well as a misunderstanding of the product range and selection criteria.

Tool selection

Since there were no specific features of commodity accounting in the customer's niche, it was proposed to implement the 1C Trade Management configuration. The site was decided to be developed by the 1C Bitrix management system since it already contains built-in marketing functionality that the customer will definitely need, and setting up the integration of 1C Bitrix and 1C Trade Management occurs without any problems.

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Prototyping and UX

Before starting work on the development of a design concept, we conducted a study of competitors and applied visual solutions. They identified the strengths of the product and defined the main structural elements of the future site.

Stages of preconditioning:
  • competitor research;
  • identifying the strengths of the product;
  • development of prototypes.
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Design and UI

After the prototypes were approved, we proceeded to the UI stage.

The main idea for the implementation of the design concept was a task from the customer: to display the scale of his project, to show that they deliver honey from all over Russia, from any corner. The basic color palette is rooted in vibrant colors of honey, sun, grass, and blue sky.

One of the main design solutions was to implement on the main page an animation slider with the client's branded products and an interactive honey map.

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All elements of the corporate identity have been developed in a single concept. Even bread crumbs are associated with honey.

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We have implemented a virtual map of honey, which is produced on the territory of the Russian Federation. When clicking on a certain region, the user goes to the category of the catalog with goods from this particular region.

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A filter system was designed in the catalog, as well as an animation so that customers do not get bored and do not leave without shopping.

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All internal pages have been worked out to the smallest detail similar to the home page.

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